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PackitUp is finally here! The wait is over, you can now download PackitUp for your Android smartphone.

The PackitUp Team has worked day and night to finally launch our vision of a social network for travelers.

Please note that this is our first release, we are happy to hear any kind of feedback!
We will also work intensely on whatever bugs you may encounter.

To our fellow iOS travelers, please be a bit more patient, the PackitUp Team is working on launching the iOS app as quickly as possible. If you want a notification when iOS is launched, just sign up with your email address at the bottom of the page!

What is PackitUp?

PackitUp is a social network where travelers can post and join trips all over the world to travel together and share their experience. It is the perfect app for travelers on vacation, during a semester abroad, on a world trip or just people who like to share their experience or just people who like to meet fellow travelers.
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